America's New Melting Pot

February 2, 2004

Source: The Newhouse News Service

On February 2, 2004 The Newhouse News Service reported, "The Melting Pot comprises the nation's largest metropolitan areas, where most immigrants come in search of their American dream and from which many existing residents depart to chase their dreams in the presumably greener pastures of the New Sun Belt. The Melting Pot is becoming less white and more diverse at a pace without precedent -- social change at warp speed, creating an America where no America, no nation, has gone before...Today only 14 percent of America's foreign-born are from Europe, and the new diversity is celebrated as a virtue even as old notions of Melting Pot Americanization are condemned as corny or creepy or coercive. And, as never before, this greatest wave of immigration is still building in its fourth decade. New immigrant communities are perpetually refreshed with newer arrivals."