Americans Embrace Interfaith Spirituality

March 17, 2004

Source: The Dallas Morning News

On March 17, 2004 The Dallas Morning News published an article on interfaith spirituality. "She's been Christian, Hindu, Unitarian and more. Now, instead of following a single religion, René Shepley-Ragan embraces them all. She calls her path "interfaith spirituality," an identification she shares with a small but emerging group of Americans. They customize their spirituality by picking and choosing practices from the world's religions – often without any particular attachment to doctrine. Some pray to Allah and to Jesus, chant like Sufis and meditate like Buddhists. Others light Jewish menorahs and perform Native American sage rituals. Ms. Shepley-Ragan celebrates the major holidays of most religions, from Passover to Christmas. At least three interfaith seminaries now operate in the New York City area alone. They teach the tenets of the world's religions and how to perform spiritual rituals, from Christian baptisms to Jewish weddings to New Age energy healings."