American Jews Speak Out in Defense of Black Muslims in Sudan

July 12, 2004

Source: Cleveland Jewish News/Jewish Telegraphic Agency

On July 12, 2004 the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported, "It seems the phrase 'never again' isn't just for the Holocaust anymore. In recent weeks, Jewish groups have stepped up their efforts to stop the government-sponsored killing of tens of thousands of black Muslims in Sudan. The efforts have come as world attention begins to focus on the crisis in Sudan, where hundreds of thousands of black Africans have fled their homes to escape violence. Late last month, President Bush made available up to $34 million for special refugee needs in Sudan and neighboring Chad, as well as the West Bank and Gaza Strip...Most Jewish fund raising focuses on internal Jewish issues, such as support for Israel, Israeli victims of terrorism, local social services and the needs of Jewish communities around the world. But Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel, who for several years has been trying to place the Sudan violence on the public agenda, said there's no reason Jews shouldn't focus on other people's problems, too. 'I do it as a Jew because I think Jews should be sensitive to other peoples as well,' Wiesel said. 'I cannot just live isolated.' This position on Sudan is increasingly becoming public...Part of the motivation seems to be the feeling that Jewish groups didn't do enough the last time questions of genocide were raised, in Rwanda in 1994."