American Hindus Protest Sadhvi Ritambara's Appearance in Queens

July 29, 2002

Source: Newsday

On July 29, 2002 Newsday reported that "tensions among Hindus have broken into the open in Queens, coming to a head at a protest outside a prominent Flushing temple where about 50 protesters decried the appearance of a right-wing Indian activist... Sadhvi Ritambara of New Delhi, well-known in India for calling for the notorious 1992 destruction of a Muslim mosque in [India]... arrived in New York... on a five-week tour of the United States and Great Britain... Organizers of a reception for Ritambara... said the focus was on her social work in India... Still, protesters... charged that the conservative activist's real cause was to foment anti-Muslim sentiment and raise money... Critics say events such as Friday's reception are actually disguised fund-raising opportunities, with money being funneled to militants fomenting violence such as that touched off in February in the Indian state of Gujarat... Dr. Uma Mysorekar, Hindu Temple Society of North America president, said the temple made a mistake in hosting the reception, and that she would not allow a repeat occurrence."