American Civil Liberties Union Accuses Government of "Trapping Unwary Immigrants"

October 30, 2003

Source: American Civil Liberties Union

On October 30, 2003 American Civil Liberties Union asked the Department of Homeland Security "to explain why it had failed to give adequate information to immigrants who are required to 're-register' beginning next month. The ACLU charged that the government was setting a trap for tens of thousands of predominantly Middle Eastern and Muslim men by failing to advise them of the program's complex requirements. 'The government has no excuse for failing to publicize this impending deadline to people who registered last year and who have obviously tried to do all they can to comply with the law,' said Lucas Guttentag, Director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project. 'This has all the markings of a trap for unwary immigrants rather than a genuine effort to collect information,' he added."