American Baha'is Celebrate Holiest Period And Elect Leaders: April 21 to May 2

April 25, 2010

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Media Newswire

American Baha'is will soon celebrate Ridvan, the holiest period of the year which commemorates the Baha'i Founder's declaration as God's messenger, and will elect national and local leaders. 

From April 21 to May 2, hundreds of thousands of Baha'is will observe Ridvan [pronounced RIZ-von] with fellowship and devotional gatherings that recognize the beginning of their faith. Concurrently, more than 1,000 American Baha'i communities will elect nine-member Local Spiritual Assemblies to manage affairs for the next year and send 171 delegates to the Baha'i Temple near Chicago to elect their National Spiritual Assembly or nine-member national governing council for 2010-2011.