All-Faith Temple "Upholds the Spirit of Ayodhya"

July 10, 2005

Source: The Telegraph

On July 10, 2005 The Telegraph reported, "A kilometre away from the ravaged grounds where the Babri mosque once stood, curious visitors trooped into Satya Mandir. On Wednesday, a special prayer for peace was held in this all-faith temple, which was built after the mosque was brought down in 1992. As political shrapnel flies in the wake of the terror attack on the makeshift Ram temple, priests in this ancient town have taken it upon themselves to preserve social and communal harmony. Guchi, who has been living in Ayodhya for the past three years, is one of them. His words — Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo — are different, but it is a mantra for peace... Bhai Satya Snehi — the ailing mahant of the all-faith temple that has marble statues of Ram, Sita, Buddha, Mahavir, Jesus and Zarathustra, who is revered by Zoroastrians, and a bronze crescent and star which represents all major religions — says the shrine upholds the spirit of Ayodhya. Even during the riots of 1992, very few incidents of violence were reported in the town."