Air Force Struggles with Religious Diversity

December 3, 2004

Source: The Gazette (Colorado)

On December 3, 2004 The Gazette (Colorado) reported, "some Air Force members keep God as their co-pilot. Some do not. One airman says being an atheist at the Air Force Academy made him feel 'like less of a person' than other cadets and officers. The second lieutenant filed a complaint with the Air Force Inspector General’s Office a week before his June graduation documenting four years of discrimination against nonbelievers and non-Christians. The complaint outlined a culture 'systematically biased against any cadet that does not overtly espouse Christianity.' Academy officials said they can’t comment on a filing at Air Force headquarters. The Air Force issued a statement saying it 'takes all allegations seriously and thoroughly reviews the merits of each case. In this case, the complaint was reviewed and the individual referred to the appropriate agency for assistance.'"