Aga Khan Advocates for Pluralism and Tolerance

May 31, 2006

Source: Kuwait News Agency

On May 31, 2006 the Kuwait News Agency reported, "HH [His Holiness] Aga Khan expressed hope that pluraliism can prevail in the Islamic world, in addition to tolerance and pluralism, linguistic pluralism and pluralism in the interpretation of faith. The Aga Khan, talking to a select group of reporters in Geneva, added that he will be working with Canada to establish a global center for pluralism. 'We need in the "Umma" to move away from the normative attitudes towards the acceptance of pluralism of the "Umma", and that pluralism starts from the time of the Prophet himself and "Hadith" (Sayings of the Prophet Mohammad) as well as the Prophet's historical footprints show that in the life time of the Prophet himself he knew that there would be pluralism in the interpretation of the faith,' added the Aga Khan. Asked about the challenges he faces in the new [c]entury the Aga Khan said that ethics is one of those issues, meaning that the absence of such values impedes development, in the sense that corruption across the board is that which calls for a revitalization of values and ethics. Pluralism and [e]thics, he stressed are two of the forces that are of concern for all of 'us' today."