After Vandalism, Brandeis Imam Asks for Return Of Quran

March 12, 2010

Author: Joyce Kelly

Source: The Daily News Tribune/GateHouse News Service

After vandals wreaked havoc on the Muslim Student Association suite last week, Imam Talal Eid, Brandeis University's Muslim chaplain, said the theft of his Quran "is what keeps me upset."

"I use it for my sermon, and it had my notes in it - it's the work of two years," said Eid, his voice shaking slightly.

"The notes cannot be replaced, so I have to start all over again," said Eid, founder of the Islamic Institute of Boston (

Eid is asking whoever has his Quran to "please return it."

Last Friday, just four weeks after $80,000 worth of renovations were completed, the Muslim Student Association's suite was vandalized, Eid said.