After Bombings and Fearing Hate Crimes, Security Increased at Hindu Temples

July 9, 2005

Source: The Hindu

Wire Service: PTI

On July 9, 2005 the Press Trust of India reported, "Hindu temples across the UK have stepped up security, fearing a backlash in the wake of serial bomb blasts in the city on Thursday.

'The recent terror attacks in London can pose an immediate security issue for Hindu places of worship and individuals,' Hindu temple authorities said in a statement. A series of blasts in the city left 50 people dead and nearly 700 others injured.

'It is not uncommon for a backlash against particular communities after such incidents. However, perpetrators of hate crime will rarely make a difference between a mosque, a temple and gurdwara. They may attack any place of worship that looks different. We are therefore urgently appealing to all Hindu temples and community centres to be extra vigilant, particularly at night and during festival times and gatherings,' the statement said."