After 1 Hour, 25 Speakers, Council Approves Hindu Temple

June 30, 2007

Author: Ray Parker

Source: The Arizona Republic

The Chandler City Council approved the construction of a Hindu temple in the central part of town, but only after listening for more than an hour to 25 speakers divided on the issue.

James Mowbray expressed the views of many of the neighborhood residents during Thursday night's meeting.

"It will be detrimental to the property values in the area . . . and the architecture is not compatible," he said about the temple that will go up at the southwestern corner of Dobson Road and Galveston Street.

Resident Vidyanath Tirumala countered that the nearest place of worship for him is in California, so the Chandler location had obvious advantages.

In the end, the council approved the measure, 6-0, with council member Trinity Donovan abstaining because her parents live in the area.