Addressing G8, Religious Leaders Condemn Abuse of Religion

July 7, 2006

Source: Catholic News

On July 7, 2006 the Catholic News reported, "In a statement addressed to G8 leaders who will meet in Moscow next week, the World Summit of Religious Leaders has passed a resolution condemning the abuse of religion and the loss of moral values in the modern world. Ecumenical News International reports that the largest interfaith gathering to convene in Russia since the time of the Cold War, has closed by condemning terrorism, economic inequality, environmental abuses and the denigration of moral values in the modern world. 'We condemn terrorism and extremism in any form, as well as attempts to justify them by religion,' reads the statement, passed without a formal vote, but with no one in the 5 July final plenary session objecting to the text. 'We deplore the activities of pseudo-religious groups and movements destroying freedom and health of people as well as the ethical climate in societies,' the text continued. The statement is addressed to the leaders of the Group of Eight (G8) countries, who gather in St Petersburg from 15 to 17 July... Nearly 300 delegates, including leaders and representatives of religious communities from 49 countries attended the event organised by the Russian Orthodox Church."