Acting Secretary Receives Briefing on Air Force Religious Intolerance

May 23, 2005

Source: The Associated Press

On May 23, 2005 The Associated Press reported, "acting Air Force Secretary Michael Dominguez was briefed Monday on allegations of religious intolerance at the Air Force Academy, but no details were released. Air Force spokeswoman Jennifer Stephens said Dominguez met with Lt. Gen. Roger A. Brady, head of a task force appointed to investigate claims that evangelical Protestants were harassing those of other faiths. Stephens said Monday’s briefing was a 'verbal preliminary report' but declined to say what was discussed. The task force will submit a written report including recommendations in a few weeks, she said. The task force, announced on May 3, met with staff, faculty and cadets at the academy near Colorado Springs two weeks ago. The Air Force acknowledged panel members did not meet with two outspoken critics of the academy, a Yale theology professor who said she observed an academy chaplain telling cadets to warn their colleagues who are not born again that they will burn in hell, and an academy graduate who said his son, a student at the school, has been called a 'Christ killer' by evangelical Christian cadets."