At Abrahamic Conference, Former Governor Calls for Cooperation Among Faiths in Fighting Terror

May 23, 2004

Source: The Age

On May 23, 2004 The Age reported, "Former state governor Sir James Gobbo yesterday criticised people who supported suicide bombing. 'Those who link deliberate suicide to divine approval and reward, whatever the cause, are distorting religion, not preaching it,' Sir James, chairman of the Australian Multicultural Foundation, told the weekend's third international Inter-Religion Abraham Conference at the Australian Catholic University. 'No condemnation of this new evil can be too strong. It is causing grievous harm to the true adherents of the Muslim faith,' he said. The conference - for Christians, Muslims and Jews - is organised by the Australian Intercultural Society, the Catholic Interfaith Committee and the Jewish Community Council of Victoria. Sir James - who said he was the first Victorian governor from a non-English-speaking background, and the first Catholic - said the beneficial role of religion in multiculturalism in Australia had not been appreciated. Welfare and education were two areas where religion's contribution was obvious. Sir James also urged different faith groups to combine in small community projects where their common participation would be as important as the projects themselves."