9/11 'Opened Doors' with Other Faiths

December 23, 2006

Source: The Dallas Morning News


Roy Harrell is in his 60th year as a Baptist minister, but he's best known around Dallas for his interfaith work.

There's probably nobody in the area with a Rolodex like his, which includes numbers for local leaders of nearly every organized religion.

Mr. Harrell grew up in San Angelo. As a teen, during World War II, his education in world religions began when he met Chinese Buddhist pilots training at a local base.

He began pastoring small Baptist churches in his late teens, and continued while at Hardin-Simmons University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth.

As campus minister at Texas Wesleyan and Baylor University, he worked with foreign students of other faiths. Later he pastored Ross Avenue Baptist in Dallas, whose membership included Asians and Hispanics.