$800K Gift Introduces Jain Studies to CSUN

June 2, 2021

Exposure to a wide range of cultures and faiths is paramount to providing students with a well-rounded higher education, and to building an enlightened and inclusive society. With this shared objective, California State University, Northridge collaborated with Drs. Jasvant Modi and Meera Modi on their $800,000 gift to support the Bhagvan Ajitnath Endowed Professorship in Jain Studies in CSUN’s Department of Religious Studies, part of the College of Humanities.

The principal objective of the endowment is the creation and continued offering of courses on the fundamental principles of Jainism, one of three major religions of early India and, according to Dr. Jasvant Modi, one of the least known and understood.

Source: $800K Gift Introduces Jain Studies to CSUN - CSUN Today