45 Christian Converts Returned to Hindu Fold in Village

April 18, 2005

Source: The Indian Express


On April 18, 2005 The Indian Express reported, "Leaving the West Bengal government groping in the dark, the VHP today said that they have 're-converted' 45 Adivasi Christian families to Hinduism in Popra village, 20 km from Malda. The day-long function, organised at an ashram of VHP-affiliate Akhil Bharatiya Santhal Samaj, was attended by Adivasi families from nearby villages, too, including some from Jharkhand, said Nakul Das, VHP’s Malda unit chief. 'The Adivasi families, who were converted to Christianity for lure of money and other facilities, were disenchanted when they did not get what they were promised. That is why they chose to return to the Hindu fold,' said Das. However, State Chief Secretary Ashok Gupta told The Indian Express that the administration was unaware of the function. In 2000, 40 families in the same district had been converted to Hinduism."