4 Religions Represented At Downtown Dialogue

April 28, 2009

Author: Scarlett Heydt

Source: ASU Web Devil


Students gained exposure to four religious perspectives in an open dialogue Monday night at the Downtown campus.

A panel of five people from the Arizona Interfaith Movement gave a presentation and answered questions from ASU students.

The panelists were Arizona Interfaith Movement executive director Paul Eppinger, who acted as a facilitator; Jerry Burbach, who represented Catholicism; Dilara Hafiz, who represented Islam; Joshua Porter, from the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints; and N.V. Shamasundar, who represented Hinduism.

Eppinger began by holding up a license plate that had the phrase “Live the Golden Rule” written on it.

“Our group believes in following the golden rule,” Eppinger said. “We seek to break down the walls of hatred between people and hope to develop a common understanding among all.”

After the introduction, panelists each gave a short description about their religion before turning the dialogue over to the students for a question and answer session.