28 Hindu Temples to Be Relocated In Malaysia

April 21, 2009

Author: Staff Writer

Source: The Hindu


Malaysian government has said that 28 Hindu temples, which are currently situated on disputed land around the national capital, will be relocated by next month.

The caretakers of 28 temples have agreed to relocate to several locations provided by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall, Deputy Federal Territories Minister M Saravanan said.

However, the committee members at Sri Muniaswarar Temple located in Setapak have refused to relocate it.

"It is the government's policy not to demolish any house of worship without first giving it an alternative area to relocate to. To those who refuse to relocate, they will be given 30 days and an alternative location, following which we may proceed to demolish the building," Sarvananan, an ethnic Indian leader, told reporters yesterday.

Saravanan said 29 temples had been given notices to relocate last year but many had refused to do so until the DBKL issued the last notice on March 1.