$2.5 Million Hindu Temple Opens in Philadelphia Region

October 23, 2004

Source: Reporter Online


On October 23, 2004 Reporter Online reported, "on Friday‚ the region’s Hindu community began the first day of a three-day grand opening celebration for a project started 10 years ago. It was as much a celebration of community as it was of religion... The community broke ground on the $2.5 million project at the site in June 2002. Bharatiya‚ meaning Indian‚ is a multiple deity temple‚ a concept necessary to unite Indian-Americans who came from regions across India which observed different manifestations of Brahman. The temple project was in large part seen as a place of worship. But‚ Horsham resident Patri Rasad said‚ the Bharatiya Temple’s significance reaches far beyond the strictly religious observance."