2009 JAINA Convention

July 1, 2009

Author: Dilip V. Shah

Source: Ahimsa Times


15th Biennial JAINA Convention was held at the Jain Center of Southern California’s from July 2nd to 5th at Jain Bhavan complex in Los Angeles. The complex is spread over 62,000 sq ft . Over 2500 community members attended the convention from world over. The Theme for the convention was “Ecology the Jain Way”. Care and concern of the environment is a deeply held doctrine of Jainsm from the very beginning because Jains have been told long long before the Science learned that Plants, Water, earth and Air has life and/or is home of countless lives and jains have reverence for all lives (not just of humans or animals). Therefore preservation of nature is a religious duty of everyone. At this convention, lectures and seminars were designed to encompass this theme and suggested ways to take care of the nature in these modern times. Attendees came from all over the USA and Canada, UK; Dubai and India. Of the 2500 attendees, 1000 were persons of age 30 or under. Many monks and scholars also reached from India .