114 Grenades Found at Golden Temple

January 10, 2006

Source: The Washington Times


On January 10, 2006 The Washington Times reported, "A Sikh pilgrim found at least 114 grenades at northern India's Golden Temple, the most revered Sikh shrine. However, authorities do not view the grenades as a danger because they are rusting and old, the BBC reported Tuesday. 'This is not being viewed seriously, because all the recovered grenades are old and unusable,' Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh told the BBC. Police believe the grenades, which reportedly were found in two bags, were left behind in 1984 when Indian troops stormed the complex to drive out Sikh separatists. The storming of the temple was seen by many Sikhs as a desecration of their shrine and led to the assassination later that year of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards. That in turn triggered a wave of anti-Sikh rioting that left nearly 3,000 Sikhs dead."