‘Hindu Democrats’ Inject Hindu Values Into U.S. Politics

August 20, 2009

Author: Richard Springer

Source: India-West


A Democratic Party activist and a U.S. Army soldier currently deployed in Afghanistan have co-founded Hindu Democrats, a Virginia-based political action committee aiming “to mobilize the Indian American bloc in the United States” to support Democratic Party candidates through the “representation of Hindu American values in American politics.”

Hindu Democrats executive director and co-founder Bharat Krishnan, a junior at American University in Washington, D.C., told India-West that his fledgling organization “respects the separation of church and state as one of the bedrock principles” of the U.S.

Nevertheless, he said, “Religious organizations have always sought political power – the great thing about America is that there is the opportunity to form many of these organizations to make sure that no one organization wields too much power.”