This slide show provides an overview of Christianity in Greater Boston with photos of some of the many diverse religious centers in the area.


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Christianity, a global religion with three major branches--Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant--traces its roots back to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Since 1630, Christianity has been a vital part of Boston’s history, continually evolving as new waves of immigrants incorporate their own Christian traditions into the life of the city. Recent immigration from Asia, Africa, Latin American and the Caribbean is creating an increasingly vibrant and diverse Christian community in Boston. Among the trends that will shape the future of Christianity in Greater Boston are multi-ethnic churches, emerging churches, and multiple congregations that share the same house of worship. Read full essay


We are grateful to the Emmanuel Gospel Center, “a Christian ministry serving urban churches and communities in Greater Boston and beyond” for use of their “Boston Church Directory,” which was invaluable for our research.