The Buddhist community of Greater Boston is one with diverse representation. Boston Buddhists practice a variety of traditions and come from nearly every ethnicity, age group, and socio-economic class.



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Won Buddhism of Boston

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Since the Buddha attained Enlightenment in the sixth century BCE, his teachings on human suffering and the path to liberation have spread throughout Eastern and Western cultures alike. Buddhism arrived in Boston in the nineteenth century with the first Chinese immigrants to the city and a growing intellectual interest in Buddhist arts and practice. Boston's first Buddhist center was the Cambridge Buddhist Association (1957). The post-1965 immigration brought new immigrants into the city--from Cambodian and Vietnam, as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea. These groups brought with them a variety of Buddhist traditions, now practiced at over 90 area Buddhist centers and temples. Representing nearly every ethnicity, age, and social strata, the Buddhist community of Greater Boston is a vibrant presence in the city. Read full essay