Sikhism Selected Links

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Emphasis on Kundalini Yoga, as taught by the late Yogi Bhajan; site includes information about the Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization.  

All About Sikhs / Gateway to Sikhism
Extensive resources related to Sikhism; directory of gurdwaras, including detailed listings for the U.S.

Fellowship of Activists to Embrace Humanity (FATEH)
Focused on “capacity-building initiatives in the Punjab and the United States”; U.S.-based programs include service, summer camps and other outreach.

Gobind Sadan, U.S.A.
An international, interfaith community “rooted in the Sikh teachings” and guided by Baba Virsa Singh; the U.S. community is based at a farm north of Syracuse, New York.

Jakara Movement
A grassroots activist movement promoting a “genuine youth voice” from American Sikhs; holds conferences to discuss issues of concern for the next generation.

Khalsa Kids
A website created by the Sikh Coalition to equip Sikh youth with information about their rights and about how to teach others about their faith.

The National Gurdwara
Located across the street from the National Cathedral, the National Gurdwara opened in February 2006.

Pioneer Asian Indian Immigration to the Pacific Coast
Includes historical resources and photographs about early South Asian immigration with a special emphasis on Sikhism.

Punjabi American Heritage Society
Based in Yuba City, California the organization aims to educate all “about the Punjabi culture and universal liberal teaching of the Sikh Gurus” in the American context.

Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF)
SALDEF is a national Sikh organization focused on education and civil rights; it was originally founded as the Sikh Mediawatch and Resource Task Force (SMART) in 1996.

The Sikh Coalition
A community-based organization working to defend Sikh civil rights in the U.S.

Sikh Council on Religion and Education (SCORE)
Based in Washington, D.C., SCORE’s mission is “to represent the Sikh viewpoint in public forums, interfaith discussions and throughout governmental agencies to promote community understanding and a just society for all.”

The Sikh Foundation
Founded in 1967 this Palo Alto-based organization works “to promote the heritage and future of Sikhism”; web site includes profiles of notable Sikhs.

Sikh Network News
“The next generation of news and views” on Sikhism.

Sikh Research Institute
A research institute that seeks “to serve the community-at-large by preserving the glorious heritage, celebrating the unparalleled spirit, and inspiring the future generations.”

Sikh Spirit
UK-based site offering a range of resources including news updates, general information on Sikhism and a bookstore.

Sikh Studies at Hofstra University
Hosts conferences, workshops, and lectures; home to the academic journal Sikh Formations: Religion, Culture and Theory.

Sikhism Home Page
Good introductory resources, including complete English translation of the Guru Granth Sahib.

Begun in 1986 as the computer bulletin board system of Sikh Dharma; today, SikhNet is “connecting Sikhs worldwide” with discussion, news, and extensive resources.

Web guide with over 950 links related to Sikhism.

An online encyclopedia of the Sikhs; all content is written collaboratively.

Sri Hemkunt Foundation, Inc.
Established in New York in 1980 to educate Sikh children and youth about their heritage.

Stockton Gurdwara Sahib
Web site of the first gurdwara established in the U.S., located in Stockton, California.

United Sikhs
An international grass-roots organization; projects in the U.S. include advocacy and interfaith outreach, summer camps for Sikh youth, and relief efforts.

World Sikh Council – America Region
An umbrella organization for Sikh gurdwaras and institutions in the U.S.