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Center for ShintoShinto, the “way of the kami” refers to the indigenous Japanese religious traditions which focus on the worship of kami. Initially, rituals devoted to kami took place outdoors in natural surroundings. Later, wooden structures were constructed to house... Studies and Japanese Culture
“A resource center for conducting academic research into the many traditions of Japanese Shinto.”

Encyclopedia of Shinto
“Establishment of a National Learning Institute for the Dissemination of Research on Shinto and Japanese Culture”; publication of Kokugakuin University.

International Shinto Foundation
Information on the Shinto Global Network Research Fund and archived articles highlighting events.

Shinto- A Philosophical Introduction
Introduction to Shinto including links to shrines, Shinto glossary and a regularly updated section discussing issues including art, books, gender and mythMyths are stories human beings tell about the nature of reality: how the order of things we know came to be and by what deep truths the this order operates. Myths may concern the events of creation, the divine dramas of God or the gods, or the discoveries....

Shinto Online Network Association
Run by volunteer priestsA priest is the leader of a religious community or congregation, specially trained and often ordained to service, who leads members of the community in the rituals and practice of shared and individual life. Many traditions have forms of priesthood.In the... from The Association of Shinto Shrines, this site encourages accurate understanding of the Shinto religion.

Shinto Purification Rituals
This site offers explanatory text and video clips giving an aesthetic interpretation of Shinto purification rituals.

Tsubaki Grand ShrineTsubaki Grand Shrine is located in Japan’s Mie prefecture, 300 miles west of Tokyo. It is one of the oldest Shinto Shrines in Japan, with a 2000 year history. The Tsubaki Grand Shrine is the first Shinto organization to have sent priests to the United S... of America
Originally erected in Stockton, California in 1987, the Tsubaki America Shrine was the first Shinto shrine built in mainland America. In May, 2001, this shrine was combined with Kannagara Jinja, outside of Seattle, Washington, as Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America.