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Association for Religion and Intellectual Life (ARIL) / CrossCurrents Online
Provides “the very best thought and writing being done on the world’s major faith traditions” as well as recommended resources for better understanding of religious traditions and the interaction between them.
“The ambitious venture-capital-backed multifaith “supersite” on religion, spirituality and morality.”

Center for Interreligious Engagement (CIE) at DePaul University in Chicago
The work of the Center for Interreligious Engagement (CIE), based in DePaul University’s department of religious studies, focuses on asking one central question: What are the requirements for building sustainable bridges among individuals and communities associated with different religious cultures

Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions (CPWR)
International organization focused on interfaith dialogue and peace.

Harvard College Interfaith Council
The Harvard College Interfaith Council seeks to promote greater inter-religious awareness and understanding within the Harvard community.

ING: Interfaith Speakers Bureau
Site of the Islamic Networks Group, based in San Jose, California. ING “promotes religious literacy and mutual respect” via its Interfaith Speakers Bureau (IFSB), which “teaches about five major world religions, traditions and cultures through onsite, interactive panels and interfaith dialogues.”  

The Interfaith Alliance
A multireligious advocacy organization, “committed to promoting the positive and healing role of religion in public life by encouraging civic participation, facilitating community activism, and challenging religious political extremism.”

Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington, DC (IFC)
Has been building interfaith community for over 20 years, with dialogue across difference and social justice work.

Interfaith Voices for Peace and Justice
Database of faith and interfaith organizations, searchable by mission, location, etc.

Interfaith Youth Core
Interfaith Youth Core “brings together young people of different religious and moral traditions for cooperative service and dialogue around shared values.”

International Interfaith Centre
Oxford, England-based international organization focused on education, cooperation, support and spirituality.  

Jewish-Christian-Islamic Virtual Media Library
A multimedia resource for the academic study of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Journal of Inter-Religious Studies

The Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati
“To forgo the luxury of separate ways when a common path can be found.”

Michigan Roundtable: Interfaith Partners
A “non-partisan, grassroots network of faith communities and individuals” whose mission is “to enable metro Detroit to navigate the challenging transitions of a diverse city building a community of mutual cooperation and friendship.”

National Conference for Community and Justice
“Promotes understanding and respect among all races, religions and cultures through advocacy, conflict resolution and education.”

National Council of Churches USA Interfaith Relations Commission
“The Commission on Interfaith Relations is composed of persons with theological and/or practical expertise in interfaith relationships. Interfaith Relations Commissioners are drawn from member and non-member communions, ecumenical and interfaith organizations, and related organizations with concern for interfaith work.”

North American Interfaith Network (NAIN)
Builds communication among over 60 member interfaith groups.  

Odyssey Networks
Odyssey Networks is the nation’s largest multi-faith coalition dedicated to promoting tolerance, peace and social justice through the production and distribution of media.

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Offers introductory information and links for more than 60 religions, faith groups, and ethical systems; addresses religious freedom and tolerance.

Peace Islands Institute (formerly Interfaith Dialog Center)
A non-profit organization that “aspires to facilitate a forum of mutual respect and collaboration” for “all peoples in a society of different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.”

Religions for Peace International
An international interfaith peace coalition that mobilizes to address social problems.

Religions for Peace USA
The U.S. chapter of Religions for Peace International, an interfaith peace coalition that mobilizes to address social problems.

Religious Diversity News articles
Collected articles on interfaith topics from our news archive.

Scarboro Missions: Guidelines for Designing a Multifaith Prayer Service

State of Formation
“State of Formation is a forum for emerging religious and ethical leaders. Founded by the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue, it is run in partnership with Hebrew College and Andover Newton and in collaboration with the Parliament of the World’s Religions.”

Thanksgiving Square Foundation
“Serves as a national resource for… prayer and thanksgiving.”

Troy Interfaith Group
Based in Troy, Michigan, the Troy Interfaith Group (TIG) convenes several local houses of workshop for interfaith events and programs.

United Religions Initiative (URI)
Works for peace and justice through global interfaith cooperation.

Selected Links: Interfaith Environmental Organizations

Selected Links: Interfaith Peace Organizations