Key Theme: Environment

A growing number of interfaith organizations are devoting their efforts to environmental causes, including conservation, biodiversity, ecological justice, and stewardship. The following links represent a sample of this interfaith environmental movement. To suggest an additional organization for this page, please email

The Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology
“The Forum on Religion and Ecology is the largest international multireligious project of its kind. With its conferences, publications, and website it is engaged in exploring religious worldviews, texts, and ethics in order to broaden understanding of the complex nature of current environmental concerns.”

Interfaith Environmental Organizations

Alliance of Religions and Conservation
“ARC is a secular body that helps the major religions of the world to develop their own environmental programmes, based on their own core teachings, beliefs and practices. We help the religions link with key environmental organisations �“ creating powerful alliances between faith communities and conservation groups.” Founded in 1995 and based in Bath, England.

Center for Respect of Life and the Environment
“The Center for Respect of Life and Environment was founded in 1986 to foster an ethic of compassion toward all sentient beings and respect for the integrity of nature. This ethic urges each of us to expand our moral concern to future generations; to poor, oppressed and disenfranchised human beings; to animals, plants and the earth as a whole. With a particular focus on higher education and religious institutions, the Center promotes a humane and sustainable future for all members of the earth community.” Based in Washington, DC.

The Earth Charter Initiative
“The Earth Charter is a declaration of fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society for the 21st century. Created by the largest global consultation process ever associated with an international declaration, endorsed by thousands of organizations representing millions of individuals, the Earth Charter seeks to inspire in all peoples a sense of global interdependence and shared responsibility for the well-being of the human family and the larger living world. The Earth Charter is an expression of hope and a call to help create a global partnership at a critical juncture in history.” Founded 2000 and based in Costa Rica and Stockholm, Sweden.

Faith and the Common Good
“As peoples of differing faiths and cultures who call Canada home, we affirm common values of justice, peace, participation, human rights, ecological inter-relationship, and compassion as cornerstones of a healthy society. At the same time, we unite to resist exploitation, violence, greed, and all abuses that hinder personal, social, and ecological well-being.” Based in Toronto, Ontario.

“GreenFaith is New Jersey’s interfaith coalition for the environment. Founded in 1992 as PEQ, we inspire, educate and mobilize people of diverse spiritual backgrounds to deepen their relationship with the sacred in nature and restore the environment for future generations.”
Center Profile

Interfaith Coalition for the Environment
“The Interfaith Coalition for the Environment is a charitable, grassroots organization of men and women, lay and ordained, from various religious and spiritual traditions who believe that care for Creation and environmental justice are important matters common to us all. We promote projects, programs and activities to help our members and others of faith recognize and act on these beliefs.” Founded in 1998 and based in Maryland.

Interfaith Power and Light and The Regeneration Project
“We are an interfaith ministry devoted to deepening the connection between ecology and faith. Our goal is to help people of faith recognize and fulfill their responsibility for the stewardship of creation. Specifically, the IPL campaign is mobilizing a national religious response to global warming while promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation. People of faith have an opportunity to put their faith into action and help reduce the devastating effects of global warming.” Founded in 1998 and based in California. The IPL Project is a nationwide initiative of the Regeneration Project to make houses of worship energy-efficient. Over 20 states have IPL organizations, which are listed at

National Religious Partnership for the Environment
“Guided by biblical teaching, the Partnership seeks to encourage people of faith to weave values and programs of care for God’s creation throughout the entire fabric of religious life.” Founded in 1993 and based in Massachusetts.

Religious Witness for the Earth
RWE “is a national interfaith network dedicated to public witness in defense of Creation. Seeing climate change and environmental devastation as issues of justice, RWE invokes the loving spirit, selfless courage, and moral authority of the civil rights movement. Through prayer, education, and nonviolent action, we join hands to protect the Earth, our beloved home.” Founded in 2001 and based in Massachusetts.

Web of Creation
“The Web of Creation was established to foster the movement for personal and social transformation to a just and sustainable world from religious perspectives. The Web of Creation has also been developed to provide information and connections for Theological Students interested in environmental ministry.” Based in Illinois.

Faith-Related Publications by Environmental Groups

“Ethics for a Small Planet”
Produced by the Biodiversity Project. “The Biodiversity Project is part of a growing movement in both the environmental and faith communities that hopes to bring about lasting reform in how people view the natural environment. Ethics for a Small Planet contributes to that effort by explaining how religious and moral values of the world’s many cultures play a fundamental role in responding to environmental concerns.” Portions of the book are available online. 2006.

EarthDay In A Box
EarthDay 2006 featured outreach to religious communities. Many downloads are available on this site, including the PDF of Religious EarthDay In A Box.

Other Resources

Daedalus, the Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences: “Religion and Ecology: Can the Climate Change?”
This issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences features 15 articles on the topic of Religion and Ecology. Fall 2001.
“ was established by Bron Taylor, editor of the Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature, to facilitate its development. With its publication in 2005, the site is becoming a gateway for further scholarly initiatives, inquiry, and debate.” Founded in 2005 and based in Florida.

Theology Library: Environmental Justice
Collected readings on issues of environmental justice assembled by Spring Hill College’s Theology Library.