Daoism Selected Links

Resources from pluralism.org

Abode of the Eternal Tao
Information on Taoist philosophy and religious practice, martial arts, and related Chinese arts and medicine.

BBC: Religion & Ethics- Taoism
Brief history and information on beliefs, practices, prominent people and ethical issues in Taoism.

Center for Traditional Taoist Studies
The site of an internationally recognized Taoist temple dedicated to offering authentic Taoist teachings.

Daoist Studies
“The Daoist Studies website contains scholarly information about Daoism, including books on Daoism, conferences, scholars, a bibliography and general resources for learning about Daoism.”

Taoism Depot
Includes Taoist publications, history, discussion of symbols as well as online discussion forums and chats.

Taoism Directory
Contains links to several informative websites on topics such as I Ching, Lao Tzu, and meditation; Taoist publications and a Taoist glossary are also available.

True Tao Home Page
An extensive resource page with an introduction to I-Kuan Tao; includes a translation of Chuang Tzu and various other Tao stories and articles.
www.taoism.net Also: www.truetao.org