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Confucian Classics
Website maintained by Rick Harbaugh at Indiana University. Characters are hyperlinked and include etymologies.

The ConfuciusConfucius (551-479 BCE) is the most famous philosopher of ancient China. The most reliable source regarding his life is the Analects (Lunyu), which includes sayings and anecdotes by Confucius and his disciples. Although he remained modest about his achiev... Institute at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
A partnership between the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) and IUPUI with Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU) in China.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Confucius
Encyclopedia entry on the life and writings of Confucius. Contains bibliography and additional links. ConfucianismThe Confucian tradition emphasizes the importance of following inherited rites (li) in a conscientious manner so that one can fully activate his or her humanity (ren) and thereby realize the Way (dao) of Heaven (tian). Major figures include Confucius (551...
Overview of tradition by Canadian consultants on religious tolerance.

Transnational China Project at Rice University
Research project studying the impact of transnational flow on contemporary Chinese societies.