Key Theme: Campus

Campus Crusade for Christ
“A network of vibrant, growing movements on 1,029 campuses in the United States and beyond.”

Catholic Campus Ministry Association
“The CCMA is the national association for Catholic campus ministers who serve at Catholic and non-Catholic colleges and universities.”

Cherry Hill Seminary
Pagan seminary program in Vermont offering training in Public Ministry and Pagan Pastoral Counseling.

Cornell United Religious Work
A division of Student and Academic Services at Cornell University, this organization is composed of twenty-five affiliated communities and offers worship, study, social, and interfaith programs.

Harvard College Interfaith Council (HCIC)
The Harvard College Interfaith Council seeks to promote greater inter-religious awareness and understanding within the Harvard community.

A global Jewish student network and organization offering opportunities to explore and celebrate Jewish identity on campus.

Muslim Students Association
Website of national student association, founded in 1963 at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

National Native American Law Students Association
“The National Native American Law Students Association was founded in 1970 to promote the study of Federal Indian Law, Tribal Law and traditional forms of governance, and to support Native Americans in law school.”

Religious Diversity News: College Campuses
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Secular Student Alliance
“The mission of the Secular Student Alliance is to organize, unite, educate, and serve students and student communities that promote the ideas of scientific and critical inquiry, secularism, and human based ethics.”

Sikh Student Associations and the Sikh Coalition
National Sikh student organization campaign sponsored by the Sikh Coalition.

Western Sikh Students’ Association (UK)
Congregation in London and Western assisting in the “practice and promotion, as well as, the dissemination of information” about Sikhism.

Yale Religious Ministry
A campus “association of clergy and non-ordained representatives of various religious faiths” collaborating on issues within the Yale community.

Young Jains of America
“A committee of Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) who puts emphasis on projects relating to Jain youth from ages 14-29.”