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Boston Ten Civic Practices (2006)

Boston is a microcosm of religious diversity and civic engagement in the United States. This list of ten religious practices for civic engagement was compiled from a two-year search of Boston Globe articles relating to religious diversity and civic engagement. … Continue reading

Sacred Space: Practices and Potentials (2006)

  Research by Laine Walters The Pluralism Project, Harvard University A local comparative campus study In addition to their academic aspirations, students from immigrant backgrounds bring the diversity of their spiritual beliefs, ethical mores and religious practices to colleges and … Continue reading

Samhain (Halloween) in Boston (2005)

While the cultural celebration of Halloween involves children, costumes, treats and perhaps tricks, the religious celebration of the same day, called Samhain, is celebrated by Pagans in both public and private rituals. In Boston in 2005, there were at least … Continue reading

The Faith Quilts Project (2006)

Update and Upcoming Events The Faith Quilts Project has provided the following update: We now have 56 collaborative quilts completed or in progress. Thirty-five quilt-makers are working with faith communities and interfaith youth and adults on quilts that represent such … Continue reading