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Jainism Bibliography and Selected Links (2013)

(Jainism, On Common Ground)


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World Religions in Greater Boston

Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism in Arkansas

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Additional Resources

Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA)
Umbrella organization of over fifty-five Jain centers across North America; publications include the quarterly print magazine, Jain Digest, and the monthly online newsletter, JAINA Spectrum.

International Mahavira Jain Mission and Siddhachalam
Located in Blairstown, New Jersey, Siddhachalam is the only Jain pilgrimage site outside of India.

Jain Center of New Jersey
This community describes itself as “a citadel of Jainism in the United States.”  

Jain Center of Northern California
Founded in 1973, this community opened the Jain Bhawan in 2000; all of the Jain traditions are united in this landmark temple in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley.  

Jain Center of Southern California
Established in 1979 in Buena Park, California; the center’s web site includes streaming audio and video files.

Jain Meditation International Center
New York-based organization established by Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanu.  

Jain Study Circle
Publishers of The Jain Study Circular, a quarterly magazine on Jainism; the site is also a resource for books and other educational materials.

Jainism: Jain Principles, Tradition and Practices
Extensive resource for sacred texts, pilgrimage places, history, philosophy and news; offers hundreds of links to other web sites related to Jainism.
Online resource for educational articles and other reference materials.

Billed as the “Jainism Global Resource Center”; the site provides extensive educational resources.

An online encyclopedia of the Jains; all content is written collaboratively.

Young Jain Professionals
A networking organization that endeavors to “increase the awareness and understanding of Jain principles and heritage.”

Young Jains of America
An umbrella organization created in the hopes of "establishing a network to share Jain heritage and religion through youth;” publishes YoungMinds.