Directory of Religious Centers

The Pluralism Project maintains an extensive directory of religious centers in the United States. At present, this Directory is a searchable database with listings of several thousand centers. The Directory does not always, as a rule, include information on Christian and Jewish centers as this information can often be easily be elsewhere; however, it does includes listings for Buddhist, Daoist, Hindu, Jain, and Zoroastrian temples and centers, as well as Bahá’í, Humanist, and Pagan centers, Islamic centers and masajid, and Sikh gurdwaras. For more information on our data collection, please read more about our methodology.

Please contact the Pluralism Project to update current listings of religious centers or to add a new center. This information will assist us in our endeavor to make this directory more useful and keep it up-to-date. Thank you!

Showing religious centers with tradition Hinduism.

Vedic Samaj

Traditions: Hinduism
12453 Andy Ln.
Cerritos, CA   90703

Veerashaiva Samaja of N Amer.

Traditions: Hinduism
4511 Ambermill Rd
Baltimore, MD   21236

Vendanta Society of Greater Houston

Traditions: Hinduism
14809 Lindita Drive
Houston, TX   77083
Phone: 281-988-7211

Vishnu Mandir

Traditions: Hinduism
311 E Palm Ave
Tampa, FL   33602
Phone: 813-221-4482

Vishva Hindu Parishad

Traditions: Hinduism
758 Lilac Way
Lombard, IL   60148

Vishva Seva Ashram, Siva Deva Mandir

Traditions: Hinduism
104-38 Corona Avenue
Flushing, NY   11355
Phone: 718-271-5423

Vishwa Dharma Mandalam

Traditions: Hinduism
96 Ave. B. between 6th and 7th Sts.
Manhattan, NY   10009
Phone: 646-436-7010

Vishwa Hindu Parishad

Traditions: Hinduism