Tremont Temple Baptist Church

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In 1839, Tremont TempleA temple is a house of worship, a sacred space housing the deity or central symbol of the tradition. The Temple in Jerusalem was the holy place of the Jewish people until its destruction by the Romans in 70 CE; now the term “temple” is used by th. Ref... BaptistThe Baptist tradition includes a variety of Christian churches which trace their beginnings to the Anabaptist reform movement that rejected infant baptism insisting on the importance of baptizing only those who are able to profess the faith as believers. ChurchThe term church has come to wide use to refer to the organized and gathered religious community. In the Christian tradition, church refers to the organic, interdependent “body” of Christ’s followers, the community of Christians. Secondarily, church ... was established by a group of men who wanted to form a church that would not charge rent for the use of its pews, a common practice that excluded many people from attending. Tremont Temple was founded as “a church with free seats where everyone, rich or poor, black or white, should be on the same religious level,” and as “the SabbathShabbat or sabbath is the day of rest, the seventh day, recalling the Biblical creation narrative in which God rested from the labors of creation on the seventh day. In the Jewish tradition, the Sabbath begins at sundown on Friday and runs through sundown... home for the stranger and the traveler.” Its present building, situated in the heart of downtown Boston, was designed by C. H. Blackwell and completed in 1894. The church has a large second-floor sanctuary with plush seats. Tremont Temple has had a long ministryMinister is a general term for a member of the clergy in the Christian church. The term has also come to use in other religious traditions to designate a member of the clergy (as in the Jodo Shinshu tradition and the Nation of Islam). of inspirational music and preaching. The pulpit has been occupied by preachers and evangelists such as Dwight Moody, Evangeline Booth, Billy Sunday, Gypsy Smith, and Billy Graham. On his last visit to the U.S., Charles Dickens gave one of his famous readings at Tremont Temple, and AbrahamAbraham is the patriarch, acknowledged as the father of the lineage of faith by the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions. He is presumed to have lived sometime in the period 2000-1700 BCE. He is the father of Isaac by Sarah (Genesis 12.25), and the "... Lincoln gave an address here before he was elected President.


The congregation of Tremont Temple today is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, with “an active and Christ-centered ministry.” Located a few blocks from the Park Street T stop, the church attracts a diverse congregation, and BibleThe Greek term biblia means the “books.” Bible is used in both the Jewish and Christian traditions to refer to the book which gathers together their sacred writings. The Hebrew Bible includes the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings—a collection re... teaching, missions, fellowship, and service are all vital parts of church life. The church is seven floors that include a youth lounge on the fifth floor and office space rented out by private organizations. The church includes the main sanctuary, Converse Hall, on the second story as well as other smaller meeting spaces. The church is home to several other congregations, including the Ethiopian EvangelicalThe Greek word euangelion means “good news” and an evangelist is one who proclaims and shares the good news of Christ. Evangelism is the preaching and witnessing to that good news. Evangelicals are Christians who emphasize the personal experience of G... Church,Vida Real, and Iglesia Bautista Hispano-Americana. These congregations do not meet in the main sanctuary, but instead meet in Lauramer Hall. In previous years, the church also housed a Cambodian fellowship and the New CovenantA covenant (or brit) is a mutual promise or compact between two parties. In the Jewish and Christian traditions, covenant is of deep significance in describing the mutual relationship of God and the people of faith. The major covenants in Jewish scripture... PresbyterianPresbyterian is the general name for churches governed by elected presbyters or elders and refers especially to Reformed churches in Scotland and England that shaped Presbyterian churches worldwide. The church is distinguished both from those in which aut... Church, Korean. The church is also home to the Boston Christian Counseling Center, a training and service center accredited by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.

Activities and Schedule

On Wednesday there are services and Bible studies, and on Sunday there are services as well as adult and children’s Bible classes. The radio ministry is also a large part of the church, broadcasting “Definition” on WEZE-AM (590) as well as Worship Service on WROL-AM (950). Please see the Tremont Temple Baptist Church’s website for updated information about services and events. Youth ministry is an important part of church life. The entire fifth floor of the church is a Youth Lounge, where there are game rooms and where youth Bible classes are held on Sundays. Children have their own bulletin that is similar to the adult bulletin. The church also hosts a children’s camp every summer called “Tremont Kids in the Park,” which provides an opportunity for kids to participate in evangelistic programs.


The Tremont Temple Baptist Church sponsors missionaries across the world, in countries ranging from Peru to Tanzania. The Church’s ministries in Boston include the Men’s Ministry, the College and Career Ministry, the Youth Ministry, New England Prison Ministries, and the Music Ministry. Furthermore, the church holds a Life Boat Fellowship every Wednesday in Currie ChapelA chapel is a place of worship, smaller than the sanctuary of a church or synagogue, or in an institutional setting such as a college or hospital. for those in need of support beyond regular services.