Temple Solel

This profile was last updated in 2003


Started by Rabbi Bell, the original congregation of roughly 150 families shared their center with a Christian Pentecostal Church. In 1979 the growing community moved to their present site (a former church), led by Rabbi Bell until his retirement in 2002.

Activities and Schedule

Weekly activities include two Friday Shabbat services (one at 6 p.m. and one at 8 p.m.) and Saturday morning services at 10:30 a.m. The temple also sponsors Hebrew classes and introductory courses in Judaism. Social groups, such as a Jewish Women’s Book Club and a Yiddish Club, also make use of the temple. Associated buildings are home to a Jewish Day School and pre-school. The temple also sponsors an anti-hunger initiative called “Mazon.” This is a very active community, detialed in a monthly newsletter called Pathfinder.


The temple was the Scottsdale Bible Church before it was purchased and renovated by the Solel group. The center includes a sanctuary, offices, classrooms, large rooms for weddings and receptions, and a small store.