International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)

This profile was last updated in 2006


The Phoenix-area Hare Krishna temple (known as the Bhaktivedanta Cultural Center) was first established in 1996 by H.G.Dasarath Prabhu and his wife Sandamini Mataji. The two disciples of of Srila Prabhupada (founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness) first settled in Scottsdale but after six months relocated briefly to Tucson, roughly 110 miles to the south. The temple returned to the Valley in January 1996, re-opening first in south Phoenix before eventually moving to the present site in Chandler (in the south central Valley) that same year.


The temple in Chandler serves a large householder community. The ISKCON mandir (temple) has worked hard to enlarge the temple, set up a library, offer an expanded Sunday school program and provide a cultural center for celebrations and Vedic ceremonies (samskaras). Future plans call for more landscaping, temple expansion, and the opening of a vegetarian restaurant. Members assert that the Valley community is one of the more active centers among ISKCON’s North American temples.
Mission Statement
To promote well  being in the community with acts of giving and compassion through education, counseling, providing information about public and private services for support in difficult times ,mentoring for children, distribute free food and other comprehensive group of programs that also nurture a sense of responsibility, patience and good values in the youth via a culture of service in the community. In general, teach non-violent way of life through respect of multicultural diversity.