Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore

This profile was last updated in 2014


“Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore is dedicated to helping homeless families by providing shelter, advocacy, food, clothing and furniture. We address a whole range of needs from physical to emotional, from personal to social, and from psychological to spiritual. Our goals are helping to build stronger individuals and families; helping to secure education and employment opportunities; helping to find safe affordable permanent housing; and working toward functional self-sufficiency.”


Friends of the Homeless consists of three faith-based programs. Hingham Interfaith Shelters house five to seven families per night in facilities made available by churches, businesses and civic organizations. Faith Home-Share is a network of families who open their homes to give homeless families a place to live until they can find permanent housing. Friends of the Homeless Volunteers provide emotional support, information, transportation, child care, meals, special projects and more to sheltered families.


Information obtained from Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore.