Baha’i Center Fargo

This profile was last updated in 2004


Just thirty years ago there were no Baha’is in North Dakota. In the 1970s groups of families began moving to the area as a part of a national campaign to spread the presence of Baha’is to all of the states . The Baha’i community in North Dakota has no more than 300 adherents in the state. It is a small but highly visible community.


The Baha’i Center in Fargo has a significant visual presence on Main Street in the center of town with two large signs facing in two directions. The center resides in a space owned by a member of the community. The ample meeting space allows the center to serve local and regional needs of the Baha’i community. In addition to weekly closed meetings for its members, the center provides information sessions about the Baha’i faith to the general public.