Episode 4: Humanists in Interfaith

In Episode 4 Pluralism Project Research Associate Cody Musselman discusses Humanists and interfaith engagement with Wendy Webber of the Yale Humanist Community and Humanist Celebrant Esther Boyd of Johns Hopkins University. The first segment, presented by Pluralism Project Research Associate Maggie Krueger, features an On Common Ground audio essay New Directions for Humanism and portions of a 2012 interview with James Croft, then of the Harvard Humanist Community. The second vignette is a conversation with Wendy Webber about Humanism and social justice and her service trip around the globe with the Pathfinders Project. In the final segment Esther Boyd discusses her experiences representing Secular Humanism in interfaith efforts.

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Cody Musselman, Pluralism Project Research Associate


Maggie Krueger, Pluralism Project Research Associate


Wendy Webber, Volunteer Committee Coordinator at the Yale Humanist Community


Esther Boyd, Humanist Celebrant and Interfaith Programs Coordinator at John Hopkins University

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