Episode 3: Religion in Healthcare

In Episode 3 Pluralism Project Research Associates Rachel Foran and Usra Ghazi discuss encounters of religion in healthcare. The first segment, presented by Cody Musselman, features OCG audio essays on HumanismHumanism is a belief system that values reason, compassion, and hope. Emphasis is placed on human concerns and that which can contribute to human flourishing. Dogmas or creeds that in any way impede these foci are disregarded and humanity is thought to be... as a belief system and Humanism in America today. In the second segment, Rachel and Usra, via On Common Ground, discuss hospitals in a new era. The final segment is a conversation with Wendy Cadge, professor of Sociology at Brandeis University and an affiliate of the Pluralism Project.

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Usra Ghazi, Pluralism Project Research Associate


Wendy Cadge, Professor of Sociology at Brandeis University (Photo: wendycadge.com)


Cody Musselman, Pluralism Project Research Associate


Rachel Foran, Pluralism Project Research Associate













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