Episode 1: Religion and the Workplace

In Episode 1 Pluralism Project Research Associates Rachel Foran and Usra Ghazi discuss encounters of religion in the workplace. The first segment features an OCG audio essay on the Five Ks in Sikhism. In the second segment, Harpreet Singh, fellow at Harvard University teaching in South Asian Studies, speaks with our hosts about the impetus for the Sikh Coalition, a civil and human rights organization he co-founded after 9/11. The final segment is a conversation with Diana Eck, founder and director of the Pluralism Project and professor at Harvard University.

PP Podcast Ep 1 Transcript [.pdf]



Usra Ghazi, Pluralism Project Research Associate


Rachel Foran, Pluralism Project Research Associate


Danish Zaidi, Pluralism Project Research Associate


Harpreet Singh, Co-Founder of the Sikh Coalition and College Fellow at Harvard University


Diana Eck, Founder and Director of the Pluralism Project and Professor at Harvard University

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