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10,000 Gather To Hear Concerns Of Sikhs From Across The Globe

Author: Gurjeet Singh

Source: Sikh Federation

The International Sikh Convention that took place at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Sedgley Street, Wolverhampton concluded at the weekend and attracted around 10,000 Sikhs. Sikh speakers from around a dozen countries addressed those gathered.

The Sikh Federation (UK) was praised by many speakers from abroad for taking the lead on the international stage in bringing like-minded Sikhs together and trying to secure greater rights for the Sikhs. The main speaker from Punjab was Harinder Singh Khalsa, a member of the Khalsa Action Committee, and the former Ambassador for Norway who resigned in protest following the 1984 Indian army attack on the Golden Temple Complex.

Other prominent speakers included: Surinderpal Singh (Chicago), the Vice-Chair of the World Sikh Council – America Region, and Kavneet Singh (Philadelphia), head of the World Sikh Council sub-committee for human rights. Both spoke about the recent difficulties in the US for Sikhs with the turban screening policy at US airports. One issue that emerged very clearly in the context of the Sikh identity is that the issue of the Sikh identity and Sikh sovereignty are two sides of the same coin.

114 Grenades Found at Golden Temple

Source: The Washington Times

On January 10, 2006 The Washington Times reported, “A Sikh pilgrim found at least 114 grenades at northern India’s Golden Temple, the most revered Sikh shrine.
However, authorities do not view the grenades as a danger because they are rusting and old, the BBC reported Tuesday.
‘This is not being viewed seriously, because all the recovered grenades are old and unusable,’ Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh told the BBC.
Police believe the grenades, which reportedly were found in two bags, were left behind in 1984 when Indian troops stormed the complex to drive out Sikh separatists.
The storming of the temple was seen by many Sikhs as a desecration of their shrine and led to the assassination later that year of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards.
That in turn triggered a wave of anti-Sikh rioting that left nearly 3,000 Sikhs dead.”

£11m Sikh Temple Nears Completion

Author: Staff Writer

Source: BBC News

An £11m project to build a Sikh temple in north Kent will be finished on time, despite the global economic downturn, community leaders have said.

The Gravesend gurdwara has been under construction for the past seven years, and is due to open in time for the Sikh New Year Vaisakhi festival in 2009.

It has been paid for entirely by the Sikh community in north Kent, and partly built by volunteers.

The building is set to be one of the largest Sikh temples in the UK.

Architect Teja Singh Biring said: “Nobody has let the side down. The community have been funding it and the banks have been very positive as well.”

And site manager, Balwant Singh Hayre, said: “Everybody is working hard because we committed the community definitely to open on Vaisakhi.”

He said the community was “looking forward” each day to the progress and completion of the project in time for the festival which is celebrated on 13 or 14 April.

$125,000 Raised in Denver for Sikh Media Campaign | SikhNet

120 Sikhs from all over Denver and Colorado Springs gathered to support an effort to spread awareness about Sikhs and Sikhism in America. They raised $125,000, a substantial amount, to fund National Sikh Campaign’s media initiative. Sikhs have faced several incidents of violence and hate in the recent months in America due to a widespread ignorance about the Sikh tradition and because the Sikh turban and beard is confused with Taliban and Isis.

Source: $125,000 Raised in Denver for Sikh Media Campaign | SikhNet

£15 Million Sikh Temple to Open Next Week

Author: Michael Adkins

Source: The Gravesend Reporter 24

One of the biggest Sikh Temples outside of India is to officially open next week, after a multi-million pound project taking almost a decade to complete.


Members of the current Siri Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara in Clarence Place, Gravesend, will vacate the site on Thursday as a massive procession is expected to herald the completion of the new temple, off Khalsa Avenue.

170 Sikh Youth Attend Vermont Gyan Camp

Author: Staff Writer

Source: India Post

During the week of August 10, over 170 Sikh youth from ages of 5-20 gathered at Gurdwara Vermont to attend the 10th annual Camp Gian, which is a Sikh camp dedicated to promoting the Sikh way of life and strengthening Sikh morals and teachings. This year’s Camp Gian theme was “Love is the path”.

The children explored this theme further by learning about the life of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and exploring the meaning of the theme shabad “Jin Prem Kio Tin Hee Prabh Paeyo”. During the course of five days, the children woke up at dawn to attend Morning Diwan, which was characterized by the recitation of Nitnem and Simran. An act from a play that characterized the life of Guru Gobind Singh Ji was performed for all of the campers to enjoy. The play was written and performed solely by the youth of this camp.

1984 Anti-Sikh Riot Report Creates Controversy

Source: swissinfo

Wire Service: Reuters

On August 9, 2005 Reuters reported, “India’s parliament was disrupted on Tuesday as rival lawmakers clashed over a report on anti-Sikh riots in 1984 which named ruling Congress party leaders in connection with the violence in which nearly 3,000 Sikhs [died].

Opposition lawmakers want the government to take action against a junior minister, Jagdish Tytler, who the report said may have instigated rioters after then prime minister Indira Gandhi was killed by her Sikh bodyguards in 1984.

But the Congress party-led coalition government headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, himself a Sikh, said it would take no action against Tytler as the panel had found no conclusive evidence against him. Tytler has denied the charges.

The inquiry report by retired judge G.T. Nanavati, which was presented in parliament on Monday, probed one of India’s worst religious riots, which broke out across the north of the country after Gandhi was assassinated on October 31, 1984.

Media reports and human rights groups say the Congress party — which was ruling the country at the time in 1984 — had a hand in organising the killings, a charge denied by the party.”