Recent Beheadings Trigger Backlash Against Muslim-Americans

Source: AP

On June 26, 2004 AP reported, “The recent beheadings of two American businessmen in the Middle East have added fuel to the angry backlash against Arab-Americans and Muslims that began after the 2001 terrorist attacks… The murders of Paul Johnson and Nicholas Berg triggered hate mail, verbal attacks and anti-Muslim signs. Muslims received death threats and their mosquesMasjid (plural masajid) in Arabic means “place of prostration,” or the place where Muslims bow in prayer; in English, this word has become “mosque.” A masjid contains a prayer hall in which there is a mihrab or prayer niche, and a minbar or pulpit... were vandalized.
Following Johnson’s death, anti-IslamIslam in Arabic literally means “submitting” or “submission.” One who submits or surrenders his or her will to God is called a Muslim. While the whole of God’s creation is described as being inherently Muslim, human beings must choose whether to... signs surfaced around the rural New Jersey neighborhood where he once lived. One read ‘Stamp Out Islam’ next to a drawing of a boot over a crescentThe crescent or new moon (hilal), marking the beginning of a new lunar month in the Islamic calendar, became a prevalent symbol of Islam after the Mamluk rulers first used it to decorate mosques in 14th century Cairo. and star. Another, hung on a mailbox next door to Johnson’s sister’s home, was more detailed.”