Recapping the Jewish Vote

Source: Haaretz News

On November 29, 2004 the Haaretz News reported, “Jewish-American voters were given special, almost exaggerated, attention in the recent elections. The Republicans set a goal of increasing the level of Jewish support for George W. Bush. The Democrats responded to this challenge and made an effort to keep the Jews in their camp. It was a battle in which much attention and resources were invested, and which focused more on prestige and the future than on practical electoral considerations. In the end, though a considerable number of Jews live in the three key states – Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania – the Jews did not come close to being the king-makers. And political strategists from both parties knew this would be the case. So why did they insist on pursuing the Jewish vote? Some will say that this was a matter of principle. Others will note that Jews are the largest donors in political campaigns and, therefore, their money is no less important than their vote. And some Democrats believe that the Republicans simply wanted to compel the Democrats to pour time and money into wooing the Jewish community, which was going to vote Democratic in any case.”