Plans for a Muslim Subdivision in IN

Source: Northwest Indiana News

On October 25, 2004 Northwest Indiana News reported, “spurned by some Chicago suburbs, Muslims are planning a large scale subdivision near the Lake-Porter county line. Congregants of the Northwest Indiana Islamic CenterAn Islamic center will typically include a mosque, school, and area for social and cultural activities. When a new Islamic center is being organized in the United States, attention is paid to community needs, including a weekend or full-time school, indic... have been quietly buying land adjacent to the center in Merrillville with the dream of building a large residential subdivision modeled after one of Northwest Indiana’s most prestigious communities, but centered around a mosqueMasjid (plural masajid) in Arabic means “place of prostration,” or the place where Muslims bow in prayer; in English, this word has become “mosque.” A masjid contains a prayer hall in which there is a mihrab or prayer niche, and a minbar or pulpit... instead of a golf course clubhouse… Some Chicago suburbs, including Orland Park and Palos Heights, have found themselves at odds with growing Muslim populations, but Muslim leaders in Northwest Indiana said their favorable reception locally encouraged them to plan to build their own community on open fields in Merrilville. Even so, some Merrillville officials suggest the plan has obstacles to crossThe cross is the central symbol of the Christian faith, pointing to the significance for the church of the whole Christ event: the life and teachings, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. before gaining approval, including extension of water and sewer lines and concerns about increased traffic.”