Pagans Awareness Project is Launched

Source: Progressive U

On October 1, 2006 Progressive U published a blog by Fallon Glen, “Today Pagans United officially kicks off phase one of the Pagan
Awareness Project. Since early 2004, Pagans United members have worked
diligently to bring forth awareness of what Paganism is (and what
Paganism is not), and to engage in activism within a framework that
benefits Mother Earth. And since 2004, members have become increasingly
aware of the need for someone to design tools that are available to
everyone (the media, elected officials, the general public, other Pagan
activists, etc), so the Pagan Awareness Project began. Our hands are
full with presentations, literature that can be sent out, outreach to
the Interfaith community and much more.

Having said all of that, here is piece number one! Since Halloween
(Samhain) is quickly approaching, we thought it imperative to get this
out because, as years of experience have taught us, the Pagan community
will be inundated with journalists wishing to talk to a real live witch
for the Halloween season. It happens every year and drives much of the
Pagan community absolutely insane. So, here you have it folks…


Over the decades since Paganism entered the mainstream, media outlets
have begun to increasingly cover Paganism and issues of concern to its
practioners. Since Bob Barr’s 1999 attempt to outlaw the practice of
Paganism on military installations, the media coverage of Paganism has
hit all-time highs. For the most part, these articles are well written
and are, quite often, very fair. There are, however, several points that
continually offend Pagans.”