Muslim Schools Win Zoning Battles in Virginia and California

Source: The Washington Post

On February 12, 1998, The Washington Post reported that the Loudon
County Planning Commission voted unanimously on February
11 to recommend approval of a Muslim school project in
Virginia. The Post reports that the project had
“drawn fierce opposition from some residents who say they
fear it will attract terrorists. Members of the
commission said they had considered residents’ concerns
about the proposed school, but had to base their decision
on land-use issues. “I wouldn’t do anything that
jeopardizes anybody’s safety,” said commission member
Robert F. DuPree Jr. “I’ve looked at this one, and I just
don’t see it as a threat. It’s a school.”
In California’s Silicon Valley, after a four-year
legal struggle with LSI Logic Corporation, the city
council of Santa Clara granted a use permit to Granada
Islamic School. The school is affiliated with the Muslim
Community Association of the San Francisco Bay Area
(MCA), and is adjacent to the community’s large and
active masjid.